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Wormholes are almost identical to T-Gates, with only several differences. Unlike T-Gates, Wormholes can only be linked to a single other Wormhole. In addition, while jumping through T-Gates costs Credits, Wormholes donít have that cost, but jumping through them can damage a ship and kill off some Troopers.

Wormholes have a pre-designated effect radius within which their gravity starts pulling objects towards its center. Once an object enters its event horizon, the object jumps through the Wormhole to the other side.


Object has no specific file, but uses the standard assembly (*.asb) file instead. Its parameters are either assigned in the object's database or directly in the map files.


OnCreate Triggered when the object is initially created. Since T-Gates are global objects, they are created when the game world loads up.
OnActivate Triggered when the object is interacted with (when its main function is activated)
OnPulse Triggered each time PulseTime counts to 0.0
OnEnterRange Triggered when you enter the wormhole\ís effect radius (when it starts pulling you)
OnExitRange Triggered when you exit the wormhole\ís effect radius
OnEnterWormhole Triggered when you enter the wormhole itself (start the jump)
OnExitWormhole Triggered when you exit the wormhole on the other side


		Position:	-643.10	0.00	107889.50
		Rotation:	0.00	0.00	0.00
		KeyName:	talgarnoWOR
		Name:	Wormhole
		Link:	1
			OnCreate:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnCreate.sal
			OnActivate:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnActivate.sal
			OnPulse:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnPulse.sal
			OnEnterRange:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnEnterRange.sal
			OnExitRange:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnExitRange.sal
			OnEnterWormhole:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnEnter.sal
			OnExitWormhole:	Spg2\Scripts\WormholeOnExit.sal
Position Object global position
Rotation Object rotation
KeyName Object keyname used for accessing via scripts
Name Specific name of this object instance
Link Id that shows what other wormhole this one is linked to. Set via the World Editor!
Events {} Set of events with linked scripts