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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


Waypoints are simple helper tools, used and visible only in the World Editor. As such they don't have anything special linked to them. The object used in the editor as the waypoint marker is defined in Spg2\Models\Misc\Waypoint\waypoint.asb as a standard assembly file... just in case anyone wants to mod it ;).


Object has no specific file, but uses the standard assembly (*.asb) file instead. Its parameters are either assigned in the object's database or directly in the map files.


Waypoints are simple helper objects and has no script events. No scripts can be linked to it.


		Position:	36.22	0.00	-31.93
		Rotation:	0.00	0.00	0.00
		KeyName:	startWP
		Name:	Waypoint1
		Type:	0

Position Object global position
Rotation Object rotation
KeyName Object keyname used for accessing via scripts
Name Specific name of this object instance
Type Descriptive name. Something that will give you a hint on what the waypoint is used for.

[ TIP ] Use the waypoint rotation via scripts, by Getting it from the waypoint and Setting it to a ship.