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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


Triggers are special helper objects almost exclusively used in conjunction with scripts. Triggers are used when you need something pre-scripted to happen, but donít have any other object to link the script on. For example, when coming to a specific location in the game world, you can place a trigger and link a script on a triggerís OnEnter event. The script will fire off when you enter the triggerís radius.


Object has no specific file, but uses the standard assembly (*.asb) file instead. Its parameters are either assigned in the object's database or directly in the map files.


OnEnter Triggered when the player enters the triggerís radius
OnExit Triggered when the player exits the triggerís radius
OnPulse Triggered each time PulseTime counts to 0.0


		Position:	27110.14	0.00	59096.14
		Rotation:	0.00	0.00	0.00
		KeyName:	m01aTRI
		Type:	1
		Radius:	1000.00
		PulseTime:	0.00
			OnEnter:	Spg2\Scripts\M01\EnterTriM01B.sal
			OnExit:	Spg2\Scripts\M01\ExitTriM01A.sal
Position Object global position
Rotation Object rotation
KeyName Object keyname used for accessing via scripts
Type Used for easier recognition. Trigger types are defined in Base\Triggers.wdt
Radius Radius of the trigger, measured in generic game units. Best set via the World Editor
PulseTime On end of each PulseTime, the objectís OnPulse script is triggered
Events {} Set of events with linked scripts