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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


T-Gates or Hyperspace Torrent Gates are special objects placed around the game world enabling ships to instantaneously jump from one gate to another. A single Gate can be linked to up to 5 other Gates. If a single T-Gate within the network is shut down (usually by a global event), the network is broken making it impossible to use that particular Gate until it is repaired and reactivated. This prevents chained jumps from using that Gate. Using T-Gates costs Credits, with each additional Gate in the chain increasing the overall cost.


Object has no specific file, but uses the standard assembly (*.asb) file instead. Its parameters are either assigned in the object's database or directly in the map files.


OnCreate Triggered when the object is initially created. Since T-Gates are global objects, they are created when the game world loads up.
OnActivate Triggered when the object is interacted with (when its main function is activated)
OnPulse Triggered each time PulseTime counts to 0.0


		Position:	14227.61	0.00	113641.48
		Rotation:	0.00	0.00	0.00
		KeyName:	nirithGate
		Name:	Nirith_T-Gate
		FactionId:	29
		PulseTime:	5.00
		Link:	1
		Link:	-1
		Link:	-1
		Link:	-1
		Link:	-1
			OnCreate:	Spg2\Models\Structures\TGate\GateCreate.sal
			OnActivate:	Spg2\Models\Structures\TGate\GateActivate.sal
			OnPulse:	Spg2\Models\Structures\TGate\OnPulse.sal
Position Object global position
Rotation Object rotation
KeyName Object keyname used for accessing via scripts
Name Specific name of this object instance
FactionId Faction Id of the owner ([ Base\Faction.wdt ])
PulseTime On end of each PulseTime, the objectís OnPulse script is triggered
Link(s) A set of up to 5 links with other T-Gates. Set to -1 if not used. Set these via the World Editor!
Events {} Set of events with linked scripts