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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


Structures are various objects located around the game world that can, but donít have to have any specific interaction associated with it. Services of a structure depend on structure type ( Base\StructureSort.wdt ). All common actions related to structures are scripted and linked via structure events.


Object has no specific file, but uses the standard assembly (*.asb) file instead. Its parameters are either assigned in the object's database or directly in the map files.


OnDestroy Triggered when anchoring on the station
OnActivate Triggered when the object is activated (returned to standard active state usually via scripts)
OnDeactivate Triggered when the object is deactivated (set to deactivated state usuall via scripts)
OnScan Triggered when the object is scanned by the player
OnTransport Triggered when the player transports his Troopers to the object
OnHack Triggered when the player uses Hack on the object
OnEnter Triggered when the player enters a trigger radius around the object
OnExit Triggered when the player exits a trigger radius around the object
OnHP75 Triggered when the objectís Hull drops to 75%
OnHP50 Triggered when the objectís Hull drops to 50%
OnHP25 Triggered when the objectís Hull drops to 25%
OnPulse Triggered each time PulseTime counts to 0.0


		ModelId:	33
		Position:	27690.97	681.67	69466.04
		Rotation:	0.09	1.91	0.00
		KeyName:	sat184
		Name:	Relay_satellite
		FactionId:	36
		Hull:	1000.00
		Destructible:	1
		PulseTime:	0.14
			OnDestroy:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnDestroy.sal
			OnActivate:	Spg2\Models\Structures\Satellite\activation3.sal
			OnDeactivate:	Spg2\Models\Structures\Satellite\deactivation3.sal
			OnScan:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnScan.sal
			OnTransport:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnTransport.sal
			OnHack:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnHack.sal
			OnEnter:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnEnter.sal
			OnExit:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnExit.sal
			OnHP75:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnHP75.sal
			OnHP50:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnHP50.sal
			OnHP25:	Spg2\Scripts\StructureOnHP25.sal
ModelId Specific structure model ([ Base\EditorStructures.wdt ]) used by this object type instance
Position Object global position
Rotation Object rotation
KeyName Object keyname used for accessing via scripts
Name Specific name of this object instance
FactionId Faction Id of the owner ([ Base\Faction.wdt ])
Hull Actual Hull of this structure instance
Destructible Flag that shows whether this object instance can be destroyed (1) or not (0)
Events {} Set of events with linked scripts