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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


SPG2 can easily handle any type of modification, but some rules have to be followed.

Original campaigns created by LGM are listed in the New Game panel and their definition files are located in the ../Spg2/NewGame folder. Mods created by the community are listed in the Mods panel inside the game itself.

The Mods folder located in the game root directory stores all mod files. A mod requires two things:

  1. Mod definition file - holds basic mod information seen in the Mods panel in the game menu. It is saved with the *.sgs file extension.
  2. Mod folder - holds all mod files. Mod folder structure MUST mimic original game's default folder structure.


Let’s use a mod called JaredsBack as an example.

A file called JaredsBack.sgs and JaredsBack folder must be created in the GameRoot\Mods folder. The *.sgs file and the mod folder name MUST be identical! Do not use empty spaces and using underscore “_” is not advised, just to be sure. The mod name as it will be shown in Steam Workshop is set in a different place, so there are no worries about that.


	Version:	1000
		Name:	Jared’s_Back
		Author:	LGM_Games
		Description:	An_example_of_a_mod_description.
		Picture:	Mods\JaredsBack\JaredsBack.jpg
Version This parameter is mostly for you as the mod creator to keep track of your mod version.
Name Name of the mod. It can differ from the name of the *.sgs file or the mod folder, but good practice is to keep it similar for easier recognition
Author Name of the esteemed author of the mod as is shown in the Workshop listing and in-game
Description Description of the mod shown in the Workshop listing and in the mods list in-game. If the description is too large, hover the mouse over it in-game and the tooltip will show it entirely.
Picture Picture shown in the Workshop listing, and in the mods list in-game. Suggested size: AAxBB

Do NOT use empty spaces in the *.sgs file! Replace ALL empty spaces with underscores “_”. This will be shown in-game and on the Workshop as empty spaces.

Place the mod picture inside the actual folder of the mod and use *.jpg or *.jpeg format. It works best.


Take care to mimic the game's folder structure. It is the best practice and will limit potential problems. Check the example below to see what we mean.

Make sure you include the Spg2 sub-folder!


When a mod is activated and the game is restarted, the game will automatically bypass the game default folders to use the modded folders/files. If a file that has the same name as a default game file is found in the mod folder, the game will use the modded file instead of the default one. If no file is found, the game reverts to the default file. The game only makes a bypass using an ENTIRE file. It CANNOT load up part of the modded file and a part of the default file.


A comprehensive step-by-step guide on creating an actual mod is available on Steam.

Modifying original game files directly in their default folders is NOT RECOMMENDED!