The Sort column in the Base\Chatters.wdt tells the game when to use a VO sound file.

Below is the list of all types of voice-over chatter used in the game.

Be careful to use the appropriate chatter sort for it to work properly in-game

0 ANOMALY_IN_RADIUS When an anomaly appears in your sensor radius
1 NO_ENERGY When you have no energy for skills
2 ENTERING_RADIATION_AREA When entering a radiation area effect
3 ENTERING_EMP_AREA When entering an EMP area effect
4 ENTERING_ION_STORM When entering an Ion storm
5 SHIP_CAPTURED When you capture a ship
6 NEW_MISSIONS_AVAILABLE When new missions are available on the Starchart
7 ENEMY_IN_RADIUS When an enemy ship appears in your sensor radius
8 SHIELDS_RESTORED When shields become active again
9 FIGHTERS_REFUELING When fighters return to your hangar
10 STATION_UNDER_LOCKDOWN When you attempt to dock on a station that is under lock-down
11 MERCENARY_LEFT When one of your hired mercenaries leaves your service
12 EXITING_RIFTWAY When exiting Riftway
13 LEAVING_MISSION_AREA When leaving mission area
14 NO_CARGOHOLD_SPACE When you don't have enough Cargo hold space, but attempt to tractor in more cargo
15 CRITICALLY_DAMAGED When one of your ship systems is critically damaged
16 FIGHTER_DESTROYED When one of your fighter wings is destroyed
17 SHIELDS_AT_HALF When one of your shields drops to half of its max strength
18 SHIELDS_DOWN When one of your shields has been completely drained
19 HULL_DAMAGED When your Hull strength drops to 50%
20 POWER_CORE_DAMAGED When your Power core is severely damaged
21 WEAPONS_OFFLINE When on of your weapons goes offline
22 CLOAK_OFFLINE When your Cloak field generator goes offline
23 TROOPERS_FAILING When your Troopers are loosing ground
24 ENGINES_OFFLINE When your Propulsion goes offline
25 SENSORS_DAMAGED When your Sensors are damaged and malfunctioning
26 TROOPERS_ACCIDENT A freak accident occurred and killed off some of your Troopers
27 OFFICER_ACCIDENT A freak accident occurred and injured one of your Officers rendering him/her inactive (no bonus)
28 JUMP_ACCIDENT When your T-Drive jump fails and you jump to a wrong location
29 WEAPONS_ACCIDENT A freak accident occurred causing one of your weapon batteries to go offline
30 HAILED When you're being hailed
31 OUT_OF_AMMO When you have no ammo for the heavy battery you're trying to use
32 NO_TARGET When you're trying to make any action that requires a target, but you have none
33 ENEMY_DECLOAKING When a hostile ships decloaks inside your sensor radius
34 FIRE_AT_WILL When you issue the Fire at will command
35 GO_TO When you issue the Go to command
36 ANCHOR When you issue the Anchor command
37 POWER_TO_ENGINES When you issue the Power to Engines command
38 TDRIVE When you activate the T-Drive
39 CLOAKING When you issue the Cloak command
40 TRANSPORTING When you issue the Transport command (troopers)
41 POWER_CORE_ACCIDENT A freak accident occurred causing your Power core to work less efficiently
42 GRAPPLER_OUT_OF_RANGE When you're attempting to grapple a target outside of your Grappler's range
43 TRANSPORTER_OUT_OF_RANGE When you're attempting to transport to a target outside of your Transporter's range
45 ENEMY_DESTROYED When you destroy an enemy ship
46 TARGET_REPAIRED When you finish repairs on a target
47 SCAN_COMPLETE When you finish scanning a target
48 MISSION_COMPLETE When you complete a mission
49 MISSION_FAILED When you fail a mission
50 MISSION_ABANDONED When you abandon a mission
51 REPUTATION_CHANGE When your Reputation changes
52 OFFICER_LEAVE When one of your Officers leaves your service
53 NO_CREDITS When you attempt to purchase something, but you lack Credits
54 ENEMY_JUMP_IN When a hostile ships appears in your sensor radius via T-Drive jump
55 PLANET_PROXIMITY When you're on a collission course with a planet
56 HOSTILE_REGION When you enter a predominantly hostile region
57 ENEMY_STATION_DETECTED When an enemy station/structure appears in your sensor radius
58 ENEMY_FIGHTERS When an enemy ship launches fighter wings
59 DETECTED When you're cloaked, but have just been detected
60 GRAPPLE_TARGET When you issue the Grapple command
61 ALIGN_TO_PLANE When you issue the Align to Plane command
62 ENTERING_WORMHOLE When you issue the Enter wormhole command
63 WITHDRAW_TROOPERS When you issue the withdraw command to your Troopers
64 VETERAN_DETECTED When a Veteran ship appears in your sensor radius