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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


Every ship system in SPG2 can be enhanced with special upgrades called Enhancements. These bonuses are linked to the Bonuses.wdt database table. Check the Bonuses list for details.

Using only those bonuses that are specified in the list is highly encouraged. To add new enhancements, you can edit *.wdt tables for each system.

Let's use Spg2/Base/Shields.wdt as an example...

  • Id - unique enhancement id of the ship system
  • Name - name of the enhancement
  • Manufacturer - id reference to Spg2/Base/Faction.wdt; Iolian Pact is 0, Thaurian Alliance is 13 etc.
  • Price - enhancement price in Credits
  • Affects (x4) - id of a parameter (of the parent ship system) the enhancement affects
  • Modifier (x4) - every Affects has a corresponding neighbor Modifier column that sets how the Affects is modified

All other system enhancement tables follow the same pattern.

Check out the different database tables definitions on the Modding databases list page.

Each ID MUST be unique in the table!
Each enhancement can affect up to 4 parameters! Leave a 0 | 0 pair if a there is no bonus.