Various aspects of the game uses bonuses (bonuses.wdt). Enhancements, Officers, Skills, Perks, Licenses...

Below is the list of all available bonuses to be used on Enhancements, Officers...

Be careful to note the Value type when using a bonus in any other database! Functionality of the bonus on any item relies on using the appropriate values regarding value type!
Example: System hitpoints uses Float value type. Actual value of the bonus in the Enhancement database must be typed as Float e.g. 12.0 NOT 12!

0 Float System hitpoints
1 Float Ship hull
2 Float Protection from hack attempts
3 Float Cloak harder to detect
4 Float Chance that firing weapons doesn't deactivate cloaking
5 Float Grappler range
6 Float Chance for the grappler to weaken shields of the grappled object
7 Float Power
8 Float Power recharge rate
9 Float Chance to retaliate against hack attempts
10 Float Speed
11 Float Maneuverability
12 Float Acceleration
13 Float Power to engines charge-up time
14 Float Sensor radius
15 Float Chance to detect cloaked objects
16 Float Shield strength
17 Float Shield recharge
18 Float Energy resistance
19 Float Projectile resistance
20 Float Plasma resistance
21 Float Radiation resistance
22 Float EMP resistance
23 Float Chance to resist transport incursion
24 Float Transporter range
25 Float Transporter capacity
26 Float Chance to deflect incoming transport beams
27 Float Soak
28 Float Mining yield
29 Float Salvage value
30 Float Gas collecting yield
31 Float Ship system repair speed
32 Float Battery power recharge
33 Float Critical hit chance
34 Float Critical hit damage
35 Float Trooper strength
36 Float T-Drive jump radius
37 Integer Size of fleet
38 Float Damage of fleet
39 Float Soak of fleet
40 Integer Experience
41 Float Experience gain
42 Integer Credits
43 Integer Credits per month
44 Float Wormhole damage
45 Float Damage to veterans
46 Float Smuggling chance
47 Float Improved trading prices
48 Float Light weapon damage
49 Float Light weapon accuracy
50 Float Heavy weapon damage
51 Float Heavy weapon accuracy
52 Float Heavy weapon reload speed
53 Float Beam weapon accuracy
54 Float Railgun accuracy
55 Float Plasma cannon accuracy
56 Float Missiles accuracy
57 Float Shockwave accuracy
58 Float Fusion torpedo accuracy
59 Float Beam weapon damage
60 Float Railgun damage
61 Float Plasma cannon damage
62 Float Missiles damage
63 Float Shockwave damage
64 Float Fusion torpedo damage
65 Integer Bonus Skill point
66 Integer Bonus Perk point
67 Float Weapon range
68 Float Rate of fire
69 Float Shield damage
70 Float Hull damage
71 Float Accuracy
72 Float Evasion
73 Float Chance to dodge heavy weapons
74 Float Repair Hull
75 Float Fighter damage
76 Float Fighter HP and Soak
77 Float Additional Radiation damage
78 Float Additional EMP damage
79 Float Blast radius
80 Float Battery power
81 Float Target weapon energy cost
82 Float Fuel
83 Float Pre-launch
84 Float Reduce affected ship's Speed and Maneuverability
85 Float Reduce affected ship's maximum battery power
86 Float Reduce affected ship's resistances
87 Float Anomaly emits Radiation
88 Float Percentage of damage returned
89 Float Chance to disable weapon
90 Float Chance to slow down attacker
91 Float Chance to recharge weapon batteries
92 Float Chance to cause Critical system failure to attacker
93 Float Chance to diminish target's Power
94 Float Chance to drop target's shields at random
95 Float Chance to reduce target's Trooper count
96 Float Chance to completely shut down target
97 Float Chance the anomaly emits an EM pulse
98 Float Chance incoming hits recharge your Power
99 Float Chance to disable weapons of nearby enemies
100 Float Chance to disable target's ship system on successful hit
101 Float Chance to recharge Power on successful hit
102 Float Chance hit will bounce off the target into nearby enemy
103 Float Chance to cause residual Radiation damage
104 Float Chance to emit a powerful EMP discharge
105 Float Chance to fire more shells in a single shot
106 Float Chance to destroy target's ammo and cause Damage
107 Float Chance to shoot through Shields
108 Float Chance to recoup spent ammo
109 Float Chance to deal Damage to all targetís shields
110 Float Percent of dealt Damage repairs playerís Hull
111 Float Chance to fire several Heavy weapon shots with one shot
112 Float Chance to cause slowdown
113 Float Reduce target accuracy and Critical hit chance
114 Float Chance to receive negative status effects
115 Float Chance to reduce target's Evasion and prevent cloaking
116 Float Chance to resist to Critical System Failure
117 Boolean Enter Iolian territory free-of-charge.
118 Boolean Mycenaean stations offer better prices for all goods.
119 Boolean Land on planet Nyx free-of-charge.
120 Boolean Better commodity prices on Free Traders stations.
121 Boolean Wasteland stations offer better prices for all goods.
122 Boolean Reduced prices of Nexus equipment.
123 Boolean Rearm and repair on Protectorate stations free-of-charge.
124 Integer Receive Credits for every Vanquis and Syndicate ship you destroy.
125 Boolean Rearm and repair on Baeldor stations free-of-charge.
126 Boolean Better prices of Korkyran ship systems.
127 Boolean Better prices of GSE ships.
128 Integer Receive Credits for every Heraclean front and Genos ship you destroy.
129 Boolean Permission to mine in Union territory.
130 Integer Receive Credits for every anomaly you scan.
131 Boolean Triad stations offer better prices for all goods.
132 Boolean LaGarde stations offer better prices for all goods.
133 Boolean Better prices of MultiOps ships.
134 Boolean Better prices of Advanced Arms Inc. ship systems.
135 Boolean Better prices of TriaCorp ship systems.
136 Integer Receive Credits for every outlaw ship you destroy.
137 Boolean IonTech stations offer special price for Ionized Gas.
138 Boolean Use T-Gates free-of-charge.
139 Boolean Better prices of all AI Robotics goods.
140 Boolean Better prices of HeraCorp ships.
141 Boolean Better prices of all ore.
142 Boolean Repair and rearm on Frontier stations free of charge.
143 Integer Receive Credits of every Miners Guild and Union ship you destroy.
144 Boolean Better prices of all contraband.
145 Integer Receive Credits for every Iolian, Mycenaean and Nyx ship you destroy.
146 Integer Receive Credits for every Baeldor ship you destroy.
147 Boolean Better prices of all Gases.
148 Boolean Rearm and repair on Rogue stations free-of-charge.
149 Integer Receive Credits for every Trinity and Protectorate ship you destroy.
150 Boolean Hexen stations offer better Commodity prices.
151 Boolean Rearm and repair on Stoners stations free-of-charge.
152 Integer Receive Credits for every Korkyran and Thaurian ship you destroy.
153 Integer Receive Credits for every Freighter and Freightliner you destroy.
154 Boolean You can command Gunship size vessels.
155 Boolean You can command Corvette size vessels.
156 Boolean You can command Frigate and Freighter size vessels.
157 Boolean You can hire additional mercenaries into your fleet with ship size up to Frigate.
158 Boolean You can command Destroyer size vessels.
159 Boolean You can command Cruiser and Freightliner size vessels.
160 Boolean You can command Battleship class vessels.
161 Boolean You can command Dreadnought size vessels.
162 Boolean You can command Carrier size vessels.
163 Boolean You can command mercenaries with ship size up to Cruiser.
164 Boolean You can command mercenaries with ship size up to Dreadnought.
165 Float Evasion for Gunship and Corvette size vessels
166 Float Battery power for Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser size vessels
167 Float Maneuverability for Battleship, Dreadnought and Carrier size vessel
168 Float Speed for Freighter and Freightliner size vessels
169 Float Fleet speed and maneuverability
170 Float Link weapon batteries to spend their power sequentially