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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


The Ship editor is where you go when you're ready to adjust ship parameters (speed, hull, turrets etc.)

Let's start with the Ship properties panel...

  • Name – Set name of the ship class (not name of the ship itself, but its class. ex.: Pegasus is Korkyra's gunship class vessel.)
  • Ship class – Choose a general ship classification.
  • Manufacturer – Choose which faction created this vessel.
  • Value – Purchase cost of the ship.
  • Weapon Power – Adjust the amount of power for weapon batteries. Each battery has this same amount, but spend it individually.

Now let's move a bit back to the Weapons list...
The Weapons list shows all turrets on this ship and to which weapon battery they're assigned (linked to). Four buttons on the main toolbar are connected with weapons.
Add turret Adds a new turret
Delete turret Removes the selected turret
Turret properties Opens the properties panel of the selected turret
Toggle turret visible Toggles whether the turret is rendered in the editor or not. This does NOT impact in-game rendering.

We shouldn't forget about that Turret properties panel...

  • Position – set turret position on ship
  • Rotation – set turret facing on ship
  • Scale - set turret size
  • Battery – assign the selected turret to a specified weapon battery whose power it will then drain when firing.
  • Firing arc – use these four parameters to adjust firing arc of the selected turret. A firing arc representation is visible in the main viewport to make it easier.

And finally we come to Ship data...

  • Speed – straightforward adjustment of maximum speed
  • Maneuver – set how well the ship will "handle corners"
  • Hull – set hit points / health
  • Cargo – set how much commodities the ship can haul
  • Crew – set how many troopers the ship can carry along
  • Hangar – set whether the ship has fighter hangar
  • Ship cloak – set whether the ship has a cloaking device
  • Descript Id – DEPRECATED
  • Explosion – set which explosion set the ship uses in the event of its destruction

When you’re happy with the ship, you’ll likely want to save it for later. The main toolbar will help you with that...

New ship Start from scratch
Load ship load existing ship
Save ship save opened ship
Save compressed ship save opened ship as a compressed ship file. This is encouraged when you're completely finished with adjusting ship parameters. Compressed (binary) files load a lot faster.