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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


The Particle editor is where you can create particle emitters. These are almost exclusively used for visual special effects like particle portions used in explosion scripts, or damage particle effects or weapon effects etc.


While the first and third part of the main toolbar always show the same controls, the middle section changes depending on what sub-editor is opened.

Create new particle emitter Clear scene and crete default particle emitter
Load particle emitter Load an existing particle emitter (*.par file)
Save particle emitter Save the currently opened particle emitter as *.par file


The Particle Properties panel is separated into several sections:

  • BlendType - choose patch blending method

    • Global space - Particle emitter shoots out particles and stays in global space regardless of its parent assembly
    • Emitter space - Particle shot from the emitter moves and rotates together with its parent assembly
    • Local space - Particle shot from emitter moves and rotates with its parent assembly, but its starting speed is also dependant on the parent assembly speed and rotation
  • Permanent - a flag that prevents particles from dying out

    • Patch list - choose which patches the emitter will use
    • Size/time graph governs how patch size will change over time
    • Size offset random offset in size of emitted particle on creation
    • Color/time graph governs how patch color and transparency will change over time

    • Offset - Random position offset of a created particle from its parent emitter
    • OffsetType -choose offset type/shape
    • Min & Max velocity - actual start velocity of a particle is a random value between these two vectors

    • Lock time in... - set whether graph time is counted from 0 to 1 or from 0 to max time
    • Time particle life time
    • Time delta - life time offset

    • Vector gravity direction

    • Start starting angle
    • Start offset - angular offset from start angle
    • Velocity - rotation speed
    • Velocity align - when active, particle rotation is derived from particle movement direction, instead of angular velocity

    • Time time between two emissions
    • Time delta random offset of emission time
    • Count number of particles emitted at once

    Random offsets (Start angle offset, Life time delta etc.) can both increase and decrease their parent parameter.