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Starpoint Gemini 2 modding resources


Material Editor allows you to import new models, create particles and beams, apply collision meshes and assemble complete entities/assemblies to use in-game.


Camera pan press and hold right mouse button + move mouse
Camera rotate mouse wheel up/down
Camera zoom press and hold mouse wheel + move mouse

These basic controls work in all editors!


The Material editor is comprised of several sub-editors used for various purposes. These can be accessed via the main toolbar.

Assembly editor Used for compiling entire entities to be used in game (adding particles, meshes, collisions, beams, setting frustum sphere for object visibility…)
Model editor For importing models, applying textures and setting up materials (reflection, specular…)
Particle editor For creating individual particle emitters. Join several different emitters via the Assembly editor
Beam editor For creating individual beam effects
Ambient editor For creating and setting up ambients (skybox, flares, lighting…)
Ship editor For creating ship objects (linking assembly files to a ship file, adding turrets and setting up their positions and firing arcs, setting ship parameters…)

Model, Particle and Beam editors can ONLY be accessed if the corresponding object type is selected in the Elements list of the Assembly editor (Model for Model Editor, Particle for Particle Editor…)


Some controls on the main toolbar are identical for all sub-editors.

Tools Not yet implemented
Ambient parameter panel Not yet implemented
Save global parameter Not yet implemented
Load global parameter Not yet implemented
Return camera to center Resets camera position and rotation to its default state
Reload material Forces the viewed object to reset (if a change has been made on a texture, forces the editor to reload the texture)
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