Welcome to Starpoint Gemini 2 modding and resource website!

This website should give you all the necessary howtos and whatnots for modding SPG2. Feel free to browse the various topics and above all else, have fun!

Happy modding!

Little green men

ALWAYS backup the original files before modifying them so you can always revert back to the version that was sure to work! Full in-game mod support will be implemented in time.

The modding website will undergo changes in the following weeks to make it more user-friendly, to include some of the newly added functions and features and finally as step-by-step check of all the posted information. During this time, you might experience problems using this website. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience!


This website will be changed over time to include all the newly added or activated options and changes. Don't forget to refresh the webpage every now and then ;).

Last updated: 2014/6/27
  • ADDED: Adding fonts page in the Miscellaneous section
  • UPDATED: Notepad++ language and API files accessed via the Downloads\Plugins page
  • ADDED: GetBoardable, SetBoardable, GetTroopersNo, SetTroopersNo, IsPlayer, ShowWarningsEx functions
  • ADDED: GetRandomEffectPosition, GetRandomEffectPositionLocal, derelictAdd, GetFaction, GetRndPositionLoc, DropResource functions
  • ADDED: factdialogue, anomalyAdd, CreateEx, MoveTo, LootDrop, GetSort functions
  • UPDATED: Ship file page in the Assembly editor section
  • ADDED: ShowWarnings, HideStarchart functions
  • UPDATED: SetAIQuestStatus function is expanded
  • REMOVED: SetGameStatus function. DEPRECATED!
  • ADDED: SetQuestMode and ResetShipEnemyList, SetControlEnabled functions
  • UPDATED: SetFriendFoe function. DEPRECATED!
  • ADDED: VO Sort list page in the Miscellaneous section
  • ADDED: Text formatting page in the Miscellaneous section
  • ADDED: AttackPlayer function
  • UPDATED: Modding databases page in the Modding section
  • ADDED: Bonuses list page in the Miscellaneous section
  • ADDED: SetAIStatus function
  • ADDED: GetCloak, SetCloak, GetPTE, SetPTE, GetEnabledAI, SetEnabledAI, shipAdd, ShowText, ShowLine functions
  • UPDATED: Functions page in the Scripting section
  • REMOVED: World editor section, since the World editor is NOT included in the current version. This section will be reactivated at a later date, along with the release of the World editor.